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Friday, March 06, 2009

More Retribution: SOL Once Again

So my wife pissed me off by forgetting her ID when we needed it for something. I got pissed off, came home didn't say a word. She never offered to go complete the task when we got home either, so I took it upon myself to complete the task + a trip to Star of Light in Patpong to get even.

My normal girl wasn't there so I found the next youngest, tallest brown skin hooker named Gae back. She didn't give me any eye contact and wasn't very personal. Maybe my reputation as an exhibitionist barebacker with a big white penis precedes me, shrug.

Took her back to the dirty 'VIP' room, let her blow me for 5 minutes or so. Then I asked her to stand up, pull up her skirt so I could see her pussy, legs and feet. I ended up fingering her and it was damn tight!

So I bent her over the sink and rawdogged her tight little pussy while looking at her long, dark brown legs and helpless feet sway under the pressure of my big caucasian body with attached cock. I banged her for a good 20 minutes then blew a huge load inside of her and kept pumping for another 30 seconds or so to make sure the essence of Johnny was deep inside her.

Now I rest assured that even as she sleeps tonight, after a few showers, there will still be some of me inside her, she'll have that squishy feeling, and it belongs to me.

Sweet revenge, sweet pussy and even sweeter creampie. Total cost $30 or 1000 baht.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2 Sisters Barebacked @ Star of Light in Patpong

OK, wife is on my case again tonight, hence my foray to Patpong's Star of Light. This joint is best known as a blowjob bar. You're in and out as fast as you please.

There's 2 couches on the wall where you can get sucked, or fucked. Or there's the VIP room (I guess VIP for privacy?) which is basically a small couch thing in the bathroom next to the urinal.

I went in there and looked for my regular, 'Ja' we'll say her name is. She was schmoozing with a customer she assumedly just blew so I had a drink with her sister, 'Sa'. Sa was kind of a milf, big tits, not the skinny, fit, young body I'd normally go for but I bought her a drink while waiting for Ja to finish up.

When Ja was available she came over and asked if I liked her sister. I said I like her, but I LOVE YOU, Ja! I took them both to the 'VIP Room', had their thick monkey lips fighting over the right to lick my balls and pump my shaft. Finally I told them to get naked. I banged the milf, bareback, while fingering and kissing Ja. Next, I moved them both side by side, one with her hands holding onto the urinal, slid my uncovered cock deep inside the milf, pumped her a few times, then moved over to Ja. After this got old I decided it's time to finish these tricks off. I bent Ja over, tagged that shit hard, and this time, instead of deep creampie-ing her, I shot a little inside her brown lipped, pink guts gash just to leave some essence of Myself, then grabbed the milf's hair and slung it down to my cock and forced a deepthroat swallow on her. Meanwhile I'm sweating like a fucking pig and there's girls gurgling with mouthwash and jizz seeping out of holes. I gotta say, it was a great night.

Here's to my two little sisters in sleaze!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back in the Action, Whoring It Up in Bangkok Thailand

The wife has been getting on my case and my good friend is visiting from England next week for new years. Normally, I'm a workaholic but my friend arriving gives me plenty of reason to go out a lot, come home smelling like cigarettes (secondhand) and beer (firsthand!).

He hinted he wanted to hit the town like the old days, 6 years ago, but I'm not so sure I want to get back into the nitty gritty again. I'd like to maybe hit a couple of our old haunts like Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, but I'd also, this time around, like to explore the area for new establishments of whoring. This will require some research on the web and then some legwork before we get too fubar'd.

I'll post what goes down here asap, but rest assured there will be copious amounts of dark skinned Thai girls walking around with my sperm dripping down their thigh and squishing around all day and night as they walk, work, sleep, eat and kiss their Thai boyfriends. FTW!

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pause in Whoring

My whoring days are over for the most part. I recently got married and there's a bun in the oven. The girl is a non-whore I met online, only half Thai.

Between the last time I posted and now I've been through a lot both with whores, and then the subsequent chapter of family-hood. I can say that I'll never be over my whoring, and surely I'll be involved in some form or another. Things can get pretty volatile at home and rest assured, when the heat gets too hot in the kitchen, I'll be at the local blowjob bar in a heartbeat.

This blog is NOT dead. I will post my goings on as they happen. Once a monger, always a monger!

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Good God, What's Wrong With People?

For Christ's sake, what is wrong with people? I was just surfing around the search engines looking for articles on sex tourism. 95% of the articles used the term 'sex tourism' hand in hand with 'child molester tourism'! What a bum rap! I do not know anyone, nor have I even seen anything that can even remotely be considered to be child sex tourism!

I am beside myself. I think my blog is the only thing I've read on the net that does not hold 'sex tourism' in a negative light.

I want to make it absolutely clear to you that everything I write about, everything I do, is with consenting women OVER THE AGE OF 18!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Driveby Katoey/Ladyboy Dive

So I've been working for a while now, and we all know that all work and no play makes me a dull boy. I was in diar need for some really kinky sex. No doubt! Earlier in the day I had ran across a porn site with some really beautiful, convincing ladyboys. I sprouted some viscious wood, and low and behold, "I'm going to get me some of that tonight!", I told myself.

I decided rather than get harassed inside an actual katoey gogo bar inside Nana Entertainment complex, that I'd look for some freelance street walkers who will have posted themselves out in front of Nana. I got there around 12:45am, and to my chagrin there weren't many posted. Note to self: The streetwalkers in front of Nana start filling up around 1:15am.

Sooooo... Around 1:15 I go into deranged pervert mode. I gallantly skim through the walking mugshots of transexuals that fit my criteria. (My criteria being, long legs, big fake breasts, pretty face, small feet and dressed like the sluts I know they are). After narrowing down the field I found one I particularly liked. I waited until she made her visual eye contact predatory rounds and then waved her over for the kill. I was short and sweet. I asked her how much, she said it was up to me, I said 1000bht for a short time. She agreed. I headed for the taxi with her in tow.

I opt to take her to a sleazy short-time hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 3 called the Playboy hotel. (Most definitely not associated with PlayBoy magazine that we all know and love). What a dump this place is, but I sure as hell am now taking this clown into my yuppie laden building.

We strip, and upon watching her (yes, they prefer to be called 'her/she') get naked I see her pulling out fake hip pads, and tit stuffers! What a drag! Many of these transexuals have nice fake tits and had surgical hip implants. I was duped, but she wasn't getting away that easily. We showered, I tore her up six ways from Sunday, and upon the finale shower, I took to the street in search of some good chicken kebabs on Soi 3, the Arab street of Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand. God damn those were some good kebabs!

So I fulfilled my desire for extreme kink on a whim, discreetly and without any hitches. Within 2 hours of my undertaking I was back with my beloved computer, working, just the way I like it.

NEP, Again?

It's 430am here and I'm dog tired so I'll be short. Today I get a call from one of my business acquaintences from Israel. He's in town, sounding tired from the plane ride. Understandable. When I mention his soundinf fatigued he says hell yes he is. Because he went to Garden of Eden.

GoE is a place in BKK(Bangkok) where you can take 2 girls for 90 minutes of some REALLY kinky fun. They run about $125USD for this service. Some girls do normal kinky stuff, and others do kink PLUS anal. You can tell the anal bandits because they are on the RIGHT side of the yellow line. (Yes, there is a taped yellow line seperating the foyer room.)

I have yet to partake in GoE's services as I plan to partake when I've become all to jaded with Bangkok for anything to be interesting.

Anyhow my friend, Danny, told me of stories of him making the girl strap one on and do the other girl... He did one girl anal while the other girl licked his ass and then they both swallowed his load. Sounds pretty tasty, eh? He looked like a kinky mofo, I bet he had the one girl bangin him anal, ha!

We then went to a couple go-go bars in Nana......

Oops... I fell asleep, and now it's 4 months later and I can't remember what I was going to write. This post actually ended up in my "Drafts" area and I've just discovered it. Whores, hookers and beer, oh my!

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Blog of Sin is Born

Well, here we go.

Welcome to my blog of deviancy. I do not pretend to be a college educated guy, a writer, or anthing remote to a scholar. My entries will be my thoughts, plain and simple. Prepare for tons of grammatical errors, an assload of cursing, and some really sick-puppy kind of shit.

Hello. My name is Jon, herein referred to as 'Jonny Deviant'. I am a world-class whore-monger. I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I live here for the interestng culture and the wonderful climate.

Or NOT. I live here solely because the girls are plentiful, and the girls are cheap. Hey, I'm a busy man and I've got shit to do. I don't have time to be playin' American girl's games just to get some ass. P4P (Pay for Play) is the answer to this.

At any given time I can walk outside my door and have one (or more if I choose) of an estimated 800,000 'working girls' in my bedroom for about $30US. Ain't life a bitch?

This here blog is a chronicle of my exploits. I will post mugshots of conquered sluts, even pics of the country/town I made the sexquisition. If I get time I will also retroactively post accounts of my trips. So far this year I've been to Singapore, Cambodia, London, Amsterdam, Vegas, Miami, New York City, Orlando, Cambodia, Rio De Janeiro Brazil and a few other places I can't even remember. I'll post 'em up when I get around to it.

Life is too short for games. Live hard.

Su, NaNa Entertainment Plaza, Bangkok

Last night I went out drinking with "British Mike". We started outside of the famous NEP (NaNa Entertainment Plaza), eventually ended up in practically every bar in the place. After 8 hours of silly drinking we found ourselves inside Carousel Bar. I had contemplated taking the girl who used to bang our British friend just because I knew it was naughty, but decided she looked a little too banged up.

Eventually I decided to fuck the girl who 2 of my buddy's have already had, a girl from Pharoah's bar called Su. Her face is a little imploded but her BODY... OMFG! Her body is OFF-THE-CHAIN and he personality is even better. She's one of the few who speak great English, which is always a place. (Although I must admit I love to say really dirty things to them in English knowing they don't understand it [If they did, I'd sure get punched]). Anyhow I took Su to get my fat ass some food. We took it home and a few hours of great sex soon blossomed.

Her feet were absolutely FANTASTIC. Small, cute, perfectly shaped. Her body didn't have an ounce of fat on it. Her breasts were oh so perky and she had nipples the size of Frankenstein's knobs on his neck... Schwwwinggg! Her bush was perfectly manicured to the fine standards of a PGA putting green. Great brown labia, a cute, puckered bunghole (less filling & tasted great!).

Any how, it was a nice little roll around the proverbial hay and a pleasant experience. I payed her 'Barfine' for 2 days since the next day was September 11th anniversersary and I told her it would be safer to be at home. (NEP is considered a target since so many Westerners congregate here daily).

Su - Lean and Lovely Posted by Hello