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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

2 Sisters Barebacked @ Star of Light in Patpong

OK, wife is on my case again tonight, hence my foray to Patpong's Star of Light. This joint is best known as a blowjob bar. You're in and out as fast as you please.

There's 2 couches on the wall where you can get sucked, or fucked. Or there's the VIP room (I guess VIP for privacy?) which is basically a small couch thing in the bathroom next to the urinal.

I went in there and looked for my regular, 'Ja' we'll say her name is. She was schmoozing with a customer she assumedly just blew so I had a drink with her sister, 'Sa'. Sa was kind of a milf, big tits, not the skinny, fit, young body I'd normally go for but I bought her a drink while waiting for Ja to finish up.

When Ja was available she came over and asked if I liked her sister. I said I like her, but I LOVE YOU, Ja! I took them both to the 'VIP Room', had their thick monkey lips fighting over the right to lick my balls and pump my shaft. Finally I told them to get naked. I banged the milf, bareback, while fingering and kissing Ja. Next, I moved them both side by side, one with her hands holding onto the urinal, slid my uncovered cock deep inside the milf, pumped her a few times, then moved over to Ja. After this got old I decided it's time to finish these tricks off. I bent Ja over, tagged that shit hard, and this time, instead of deep creampie-ing her, I shot a little inside her brown lipped, pink guts gash just to leave some essence of Myself, then grabbed the milf's hair and slung it down to my cock and forced a deepthroat swallow on her. Meanwhile I'm sweating like a fucking pig and there's girls gurgling with mouthwash and jizz seeping out of holes. I gotta say, it was a great night.

Here's to my two little sisters in sleaze!

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